This list collected from this reddit thread.

Allen Edmonds Fifth Ave  [Price: $335] [Amazon Link]

Saddleback Briefcase Mini  [Price: $461] [Buy Link]

My dad's 1930's leather jacket

by omgmrj

Red Wing Iron Rangers  [Price: $238-$300] [Amazon Link]

Shun 8" Santoku Knife  [Price: $135] [Amazon Link]

Glock 23

by ButterThatBacon

Leatherman Wave  [Price: $50-$60] [Amazon Link]

College Education

Engagement Ring  [Price: N/A] [Amazon Link]

by iexpectspamfromyou

Minimal Swiss Army Knife  [Price: $10-$50] [Amazon Link]

Citizen Eco-Drive  [Price: $90-$280] [Amazon Link]

TI-83  [Price: $93] [Amazon Link]

by icedtea93

Leatherman Charge TTi  [Price: $120] [Amazon Link]

Glock 19

GORUCK GR1  [Price: $295] [Buy Link]

by boomerang42

Leatherman Skeletool  [Price: $30-$70] [Amazon Link]

Zippo  [Price: N/A] [Amazon Link]

Cast iron pan  [Price: $32] [Amazon Link]

by 1n1billionAZNsay

Kitchen-aid artisan mixer – (better access to bowl with tipping)  [Price: $300] [Amazon Link]

Vitamix – so powerful  [Price: $300-$600] [Amazon Link]

Timbuk2 bag – still holding strong and so useful  [Price: $50-$270] [Amazon Link]

by amalgamator

Filco Cherry brown keyboard with n key rollover  [Price: $278] [Amazon Link]

Banana Republic silk knit tie in navy  [Price: $60-$70] [Amazon Link]

Lamy Safari with broad nib  [Price: $20-$40] [Amazon Link]

by ABirdOfParadise

Lodge Skillet  [Price: $10-$70] [Amazon Link]

Old Hickory Knives  [Price: $10-$40] [Amazon Link]

Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring  [Price: $10-$20] [Amazon Link]

by wllmsaccnt

HFI-780 headphones  [Price: $200] [Amazon Link]

Atlas pepper grinder  [Price: $50] [Amazon Link]

Vibram Five Fingers  [Price: $50-$200] [Amazon Link]

by xenodius