A list for [BIFL] buy it for winter, collected from /r/BuyItForLife. Thanks all /r/BuyItForLife redditors and mods!



  1. Thin Winter Gloves – TLGJames suggests the Seal Skinz Waterproof Gloves[Buy Link] and BourneEBR suggests the Icebreaker Quantum Merino wool gloves[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  2. Socks and Glove liners(handle working in the midwest winters) – SierraNovember1 suggests a Winter Wool Sock and HankyChief suggests the Surplus Wool Gloves[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  3. Winter Gloves(for walking to and from work, around -15C) – waveshaper suggests Leather Gloves with some merino glove liners [Request Link]
  4. Gloves(warm, wind-resistant, and lightweight) – NoFunRob suggests the Mechanix Gloves[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  5. Boots and Gloves(cold weather, moved to Montpelier, Vermont from Texas) – tallriktallrik suggests the LL Bean[Buy Link] and samcbar suggests the Kinco Ski Gloves[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  6. Winter Work Gloves(extreme cold, -30c, 80mph+ winds) – US_Hiker suggests this gloves[Buy Link] [Request Link]



  1. [UK] Lightweight, waterproof, breathable snow boots – quadrahelix suggests the Gore-Tex Boots [Buy Link] [Request Link]
  2. Winter Boots($80-$100 range) – snowhorse420 suggests Red Wings Boots[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  3. Boots(in the city, $100-$200 range) – ghostmcspiritwolf suggests LL Bean lighter and lower classic boot[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  4. Winter/Sportsman Boots – ababyotter suggests the Bean Boots[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  5. Boots(Classic style, workplace acceptable) – biomusicology suggests the Red Wing heritage line[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  6. Women's Leather Dress Boots – Hamtaur suggests the Ariats[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  7. Best Women's Winter Boots – alcogiggles suggests the LL Bean[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  8. Winter Boots(9E, -50C) – coffeemmm suggests the Nakiuk Boots[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  9. Steel Toes – Mazratius suggests the Red Wings[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  10. Snow Shoes (specifically for winter hiking) – upvotescatsonly suggests the MSR Evo[Buy Link] (Made in USA, Lifetime Guarantee) [Request Link]
  11. Boots and Gloves(for Working in the Cold, -20 degrees F) – no-mad suggests the Sorels Boots[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  12. House Slippers(warm, comfortable) – uselessjd suggests the LL Bean[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  13. Slippers – someone suggests the Addidas shower/pool/home/light duty sandals[Buy Link] [Request Link]



  1. Long Underwear – TrueEvenIfUdenyIt suggests the Minus33 brand [Buy Link] [Request Link]
  2. Women's Winter Coat – eatmorebeans suggests Patagonia[Buy Link] and LL Bean[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  3. Super Warm Winter Hat – kingrootintootin suggests the bomber hat[Buy Link] and blackbodyradiation suggests the Ultralight Goose Down Hood[Buy Link] and this hat [Request Link]
  4. Winter Peacoat – jerseyboyji suggests Schott[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  5. Winter Coat(Moving to Chicago from Florida) – peakspike suggests Carhartt[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  6. Winter Jacket(Hard Shell) – larrisonw suggests Arcteryx[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  7. Space Heater(room approx. 250 sq. ft. room, US) – AntiMe suggests Oil Filled Heater[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  8. Winter Hats(0 and 30 degrees) – amateur_acupuncture suggests the turtlefur brand hats[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  9. Winter Sweatshirt – humboldt_wvo suggests the LL Bean for any kind of outerwear[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  10. Warm winter coat for women(-40 degrees) – dbcanuck suggests the Mountain Equipment and the__funk suggests the North Face[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  11. Jacket for winter field work(winter in central/northern Maine) – TIGit suggests the Carhartt[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  12. Workman's Jacket(central PA in the fall and winter) – crispyscone suggests the Carhartt[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  13. Functional Hoodie or Jacket(for a Bomb Technician) – Wisewoodwon suggests the Duluth[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  14. Electric/Warming Blanket – gamingloser suggests the Sunbeam[Buy Link], but better buy a down comforter[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  15. Electric Blanket(for one person) – Morass suggests buy the Electric Mattress Pad[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  16. A Plain Crewneck Sweater – ryott228 suggests buy the American Giant[Buy Link] [Request Link]



[CA] Quality Winter Gear [Request Link]

  • asternemeraldink suggests merino wool everything
  • redduser4x suggests Patagonia
  • GrammaMo suggests Sorel boots[Buy Link] + Columbia jacket[Buy Link] + Canada red mittens
  • S_204 suggests Vostok parka, RCMP issue arctic gloves and a muskrat fur hat, Merino everything underneath.
  • freeboater suggests MEC.com – great prices for the quality. Shipping is usually free.
  • exgiexpcv suggests Filson Gear [Link] [Amazon Link]
  • yermahm suggests Gore Windstopper hat
  • jangevaa suggests down parka [Link]
  • IronSlanginRed suggests North faces jacket[Buy Link]
  • dcormann suggests Canada Goose Parka [Link]
  • dangerbird suggests Arc'Teryx  [Buy Link]
  • tinysatellite suggests Silk long underwear
  • pjosullivan suggests Orage Outerwear – snow gear, based in canada. Check out their site.[Buy Link]