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Any advice on sleeping bags? Doesn't need to be arctic grade, probably more geared towards the 40-100 range. Just a nice all around bag that's zippers won't fall off. Any other camping/hunting/hiking stuff you want to throw in is welcome.


Best Choose – Military Modular Sleep System

A1WB4C8AiPL._SL1500_Military Modular Sleep System

Price: $300

Buy On Amazon | Official Website





Why this?

I still have my "Cold Weather Sleep System" that the Army issued me, and I'm telling you the thing's indestructible. It has a 30 degree bag, -30 bag, water proof shell, and the whole thing compresses down to the size of a soccer ball. I use it for hiking and camping a lot.

You can get them new on Amazon or used on Craigslist pretty cheap.

// Links
Old version
New version (what I have)

By vocatus

These are FANTASTIC bags, if you're not worried about weight. They're good down to -30.

One thing you need to know; there are two version of these. The one that OP linked to is the "old" (4 piece) version, which is most obvious by the woodland camo pattern. I have this one and it's perfect for what you need if you can find one for a good price.

The new-er version is a 5-piece set in ACU camo, which supposedly is even better made than the old ones. Here's an article with pictures of both:

One caveat: Shop carefully, as there are fakes of these on the market.

By HardwareLust

been using mine for 30 years, didn't call it a system when I got it though.

By itchybut

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