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I am a freshmen, and I have gone through 2 lunchboxes this summer alone. The one my mom bought doesn't keep food cold at all. What is a good lunch box that I can get? I'd prefer a soft one.


Best Choose – Cool Gear Collapsable Bento Box


Cool Gear Ez-freeze® Collapsible Bento Box

Price: $13.82

Manufacturing Origin: N/A

Warranty: N/A

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Why This?

I know you said you want a soft bag. I've never had success with them so here is my suggestion.

I recently purchased a Cool Gear Collapsable Bento Box. It's pretty cool! The container expands for larger meals or collapses for something like a sandwich. The portion above that is a freezer pack but it also holds the smaller snack packs. I use the bento box and carry it in a soft lunchbox.

Here's a link… PS: You can find it for less money on Amazon.

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