A list for [BIFL] buy it for winter, collected from /r/BuyItForLife. Thanks all /r/BuyItForLife redditors and mods!



  1. Thin Winter Gloves – TLGJames suggests the Seal Skinz Waterproof Gloves[Buy Link] and BourneEBR suggests the Icebreaker Quantum Merino wool gloves[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  2. Socks and Glove liners(handle working in the midwest winters) – SierraNovember1 suggests a Winter Wool Sock and HankyChief suggests the Surplus Wool Gloves[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  3. Winter Gloves(for walking to and from work, around -15C) – waveshaper suggests Leather Gloves with some merino glove liners [Request Link]
  4. Gloves(warm, wind-resistant, and lightweight) – NoFunRob suggests the Mechanix Gloves[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  5. Boots and Gloves(cold weather, moved to Montpelier, Vermont from Texas) – tallriktallrik suggests the LL Bean[Buy Link] and samcbar suggests the Kinco Ski Gloves[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  6. Winter Work Gloves(extreme cold, -30c, 80mph+ winds) – US_Hiker suggests this gloves[Buy Link] [Request Link]



  1. [UK] Lightweight, waterproof, breathable snow boots – quadrahelix suggests the Gore-Tex Boots [Buy Link] [Request Link]
  2. Winter Boots($80-$100 range) – snowhorse420 suggests Red Wings Boots[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  3. Boots(in the city, $100-$200 range) – ghostmcspiritwolf suggests LL Bean lighter and lower classic boot[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  4. Winter/Sportsman Boots – ababyotter suggests the Bean Boots[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  5. Boots(Classic style, workplace acceptable) – biomusicology suggests the Red Wing heritage line[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  6. Women’s Leather Dress Boots – Hamtaur suggests the Ariats[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  7. Best Women’s Winter Boots – alcogiggles suggests the LL Bean[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  8. Winter Boots(9E, -50C) – coffeemmm suggests the Nakiuk Boots[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  9. Steel Toes – Mazratius suggests the Red Wings[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  10. Snow Shoes (specifically for winter hiking) – upvotescatsonly suggests the MSR Evo[Buy Link] (Made in USA, Lifetime Guarantee) [Request Link]
  11. Boots and Gloves(for Working in the Cold, -20 degrees F) – no-mad suggests the Sorels Boots[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  12. House Slippers(warm, comfortable) – uselessjd suggests the LL Bean[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  13. Slippers – someone suggests the Addidas shower/pool/home/light duty sandals[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  14. Muck boots – I love my Muck boots as well, only disclaimer is that they aren’t BIFL if you’re using them for anything other than walking, any type of work or hunting use and you’re going to get holes in them eventually.
  15. L.l.bean boots. The classic ones with the rubber lower and leather upper. I’ve had a pair for about 15 years now. They just keep getting better. Still waterproof, and the leather is still in good shape.
  16. Forsake for hiking boots – They’re not fully featured Asolo technical boots, but they’re definitely more practical and way cheaper.
  17. Blundstone – Probably the most popular ones where I am (Toronto, Canada) – my husband has had his pair for 6 years and they’ve aged really nicely. I picked up my first ever pair this year and am really enjoying them so far. Good grip on icy sidewalks, water resistant, and don’t look half bad for winter boots.
  18. Keen. Haven’t had an issue with their lineup and they’re good with wide feet.



  1. Long Underwear – TrueEvenIfUdenyIt suggests the Minus33 brand [Buy Link] [Request Link]
  2. Women’s Winter Coat – eatmorebeans suggests Patagonia[Buy Link] and LL Bean[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  3. Super Warm Winter Hat – kingrootintootin suggests the bomber hat[Buy Link] and blackbodyradiation suggests the Ultralight Goose Down Hood[Buy Link] and this hat [Request Link]
  4. Winter Peacoat – jerseyboyji suggests Schott[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  5. Winter Coat(Moving to Chicago from Florida) – peakspike suggests Carhartt[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  6. Winter Jacket(Hard Shell) – larrisonw suggests Arcteryx[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  7. Space Heater(room approx. 250 sq. ft. room, US) – AntiMe suggests Oil Filled Heater[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  8. Winter Hats(0 and 30 degrees) – amateur_acupuncture suggests the turtlefur brand hats[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  9. Winter Sweatshirt – humboldt_wvo suggests the LL Bean for any kind of outerwear[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  10. Warm winter coat for women(-40 degrees) – dbcanuck suggests the Mountain Equipment and the__funk suggests the North Face[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  11. Jacket for winter field work(winter in central/northern Maine) – TIGit suggests the Carhartt[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  12. Workman’s Jacket(central PA in the fall and winter) – crispyscone suggests the Carhartt[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  13. Functional Hoodie or Jacket(for a Bomb Technician) – Wisewoodwon suggests the Duluth[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  14. Electric/Warming Blanket – gamingloser suggests the Sunbeam[Buy Link], but better buy a down comforter[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  15. Electric Blanket(for one person) – Morass suggests buy the Electric Mattress Pad[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  16. A Plain Crewneck Sweater – ryott228 suggests buy the American Giant[Buy Link] [Request Link]
  17. Eddie Bauer men’s down parka
  18. Arc’teryx is absolutely fantastic. They have an incredible warranty and they make a very practical and durable winter coat.
  19. Schott pea coats.
  20. Layering – the best option if you are active. I like my arc’teryx outer shell with a prim aloft soft shell jacket under. For working you cant go wrong with a Carhartt jacket.
  21. Columbia Ski jacket – absolutely fantastic. I only got rid of it due to growing out of it (I got it around 8 years old) I’m not sure if they’re still the same durability but the boots I bought last year have held up great so far so I don’t doubt the coats are still made well.
  22. Filson Mackinaw – just awesome.
  23. Lands End coat – It’s not a wool coat but maybe more along their squall line now.



[CA] Quality Winter Gear [Request Link]

  • asternemeraldink suggests merino wool everything
  • redduser4x suggests Patagonia
  • GrammaMo suggests Sorel boots[Buy Link] + Columbia jacket[Buy Link] + Canada red mittens
  • S_204 suggests Vostok parka, RCMP issue arctic gloves and a muskrat fur hat, Merino everything underneath.
  • freeboater suggests MEC.com – great prices for the quality. Shipping is usually free.
  • exgiexpcv suggests Filson Gear [Link] [Amazon Link]
  • yermahm suggests Gore Windstopper hat
  • jangevaa suggests down parka [Link]
  • IronSlanginRed suggests North faces jacket[Buy Link]
  • dcormann suggests Canada Goose Parka [Link]
  • dangerbird suggests Arc’Teryx  [Buy Link]
  • tinysatellite suggests Silk long underwear
  • pjosullivan suggests Orage Outerwear – snow gear, based in canada. Check out their site.[Buy Link]
  • The Carhartt A18 winter hat is by far the best I have ever bought. I haven’t been able to find anything that has been as warm and durable for the price.
  • Mad bomber absolutely!

    Trapper hat made with rabbit fur and nylon along with synthetic insulation. I’ve never seen one wear out, only lost or outgrown. Also, I bought a new one last year and the quality is as good as ever. I only break mine out when it’s windy and below 0F.


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