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I would like to travel with just such a backpack, no luggage, and I need a new backpack soon anyway, so might as well make an investment if it's a BIFL 🙂


Best Choose – GORUCK GR2


Price: $395.00

Lifetime Guarantee

Buy Link



Why This?

GORUCK GR2 – pricey. I haven't used a gr2, but I do have one of their smaller bags, which I have abused. A couple hundred miles of running with 6 bricks in the bag, plus a GORUCK challenge (google it) – no real wear, it's broken in so nicely. The color isn't as sharp, but I attribute that to swimming in the Hudson River with it, taking it through some other questionable water, and washing it. I also ran it through a warrior dash and shrugged off barbed wire like it was nothing.

Edit – the color isn't as sharp as when it was new.

By diabol1k

Other Choose:

Heres a few maximum carryon backpacks for travel:

Look at Tom Bihn Aeronaut
Red Oxx Sky Train
If you want really comfy straps – the MEI Voyageur
Or dirt cheap (but not really BIFL) Campmor Essential Carryon

By omicr0n

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